Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday

Blue Bird Blouse - Handmade by me @ Mako Mako
Skinny Jeans - Miss Selfridge
Black Velvet Platforms - KMart

I've been having a few 'figure-fitting issues' these last few weeks, hence why there was no wardrobe wednesday last week. I think it's probably part of a pretty common self-esteem circle that we females are all prone to sometimes.

I took some pictures of something I wore to go out for drinks with Mr Bear and, when it came to editing them, had a real 'cringe, why did I go out in that' kind of moment. The clothes I am drawn to and really love wearing seem to be the ones that don't flatter my shape at all and make me look even shorter than I actually am!

So the next time we went out for dinner, I was determined to wear something that made me look taller and slimmer, and I think I'm getting there! The dark colour of these jeans are much more flattering than the pale ones I usually wear and their fit shows off my slim calves and ankles. Wearing stuff I've made myself often helps too, as the fit is more suited to my shape. This blouse is one of my favourite pieces and I like to wear it for that effortless but stylish casual look.

Oh and, of course, the platform shoes help in adding that wee bit of extra height for my low stature!

Wow, you'll all feel like you've been reading something written by Trinny and Suzannah now. Apologies!


  1. You are beautiful, even if you can't see it right now.

  2. i think you look fab! i love that shirt it is soo fun!

    1. Hehe thanks :) love wearing handmade!

  3. I love that blouse! The print is amazing!