Sunday, 13 January 2013

2012 Makes Review

This may be coming a tad later than intended, but I keep  coming across these reviews on some of my favourite craft and sewing blogs and thought I could probably pull one of these together myself! The idea is to look through your photo catelogue of handmade stuff from the previous year and categorise them in some way.

Sometimes we artsy folk have a tendancy to focus on our unfinished projects (or UFO's to use the technical term!) We analyse how little time we've had to complete all those things we aspired to create and never got the means or energy to have a go at. That's why this sort of review is really useful. It shows you what you have achieved, puts a friendly arm around your shoulder and says, 'Don't be so hard on yourself'.

So here it comes, my review of everything (well, everything I managed to photograph) I made in 2012:

P.S It starts in April as it took us a wee while to get settled in our new home down under!








Here I made Brendan a phone case, of which I have no pictures!



And a couple of other things I made for christmas presents that haven't been posted to their recipients yet so I will have to share with you another time :)

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