Sunday, 20 January 2013

Project Log: Duvet Cover

Whilst we were in Melbourne over Christmas, Martin's Auntie Sandra kindly volunteered to take us for a trip around IKEA (we don't have them here in NZ and I really miss cheap Scandi design!) 

I was keen to check out the fabrics, since I've only really been buying fabrics in large quantities for the past year, I'd never really paid them much attention in the past. Well, I was pretty much like a kid in a sweet shop. Martin and Sandra were really patient and let me run in circles for some time until I had arms full of bolts and, let's be honest, a bit of a stitch in my side (haha, get it??) Sorry.

I got a couple of real bargains, including this nice contemporary floral stuff at $2.99 a metre! I got 4m and I'm planning on making a duvet cover and pillow cases with it (bordered with green as it's not quite wide enough). What dya think? Keep checking in to see my progress!

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