Thursday, 22 July 2010

New Shoes

I've been searching for the perfect pair of wedges/clogs/espadrilles for my road trip to Italy for weeks now, and I've finally found the perfect pair. Where, you ask. On Ebay, of course. And, oh my word did I get a bargain. I paid a whole 6 english pounds (hard earned pounds, mind you!) for a gorgeous pair of Steve Madden tan leather espadrille wedges...

After some detective work, I came across the website...I am in love with so many pair of shoes that I may eventually need sedating. And I got such a bargain! Here's a few of my favourites. And below is one of my much admired bloggers, Lulu Letty, wearing a very similar pair to the ones I have recently purchased. I cannot wait to get my parcel in the post. There will be plenty of footsie photos, I can guarantee.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Urban Textiles

I am writing this with my eyes fixed firmly on the computer screen to avoid looking out the window at the storm raging around me. Okay, I may exaggerate an eensy weensy bit, but that's more rain than I've seen in all my 19 years and the lightning is of the the brightest azure blue. I'm not a massive fan of thunderstorms. I don't like saying they scare me because I know I'm not 8 years old, but I certainly feel the need for the protective arm of my loved one, and he never seems to be around when there's a storm!

Anyway, back to what I was actually posting. I was looking for some new shoes on Urban Outfitters yesterday for my globe trot road trip to Italia the week after next (ee) and I stumbled across their new textiles range. The scoundrels. It seems, and correct me if I'm being paranoid here, that whenever I have a spark of genuis regarding a design, Outfitters read my mind and get there before me. Their range of feather headpieces are alarmingly similar to mine (which were created first!) and I've been brewing ideas for patchwork duvetcovers and bunting incorporated cushion covers for the past few months and now I feel crushed. Sad times. Nevertheless, I will continue to endevour to be unique and individual and shy away from the mainstream...unless it gets there first.

Inspiration Hunt

Sigh. Today has been completely lacking in drive, motivation and inspiration. I'd originally set aside my day off to work on the Truly Scrumpy website, but yet again I sat down to work and within 5 minutes was tearing my hair out. So, I cyber tip-toed over to Etsy and scrolled through a few of my favourite shops (and a few suggested favourites, a feature I hadn't taken advantage of before) to get my creative mind cogs whirring in order to soothe my aching soul with a bit of craft therapy.

Unordinarily, I'm not feeling like trying my hand at anything today. Maybe I should see someone. This is truly irregular and I'm not enjoying it. I'm going to have a bash at making some mini knitted bunting for a new cushion cover idea I want to try out. I may have to wrap the wool round myself and the chair first, but here's hoping I'll be able to settle down...for a while at least.

Saturday, 17 July 2010


The first five cushions in the new Truly Scrumpy cushion range. They'll be having their debut at the Bizarre Bazaar tomorrow. The squid is my baby, took me the longest and I don't know if I can let him go. Let's hope I find a nice family to adopt him and treasure him for life. How ever long squids live...

Friday, 16 July 2010

Business Cards

Now we're talking! Truly Scrumpy business cards arrived in the post yesterday, just in time for Sunday. Hoorah! I am one excited little lady. What do you think? I can't stop looking at them.
I purchased them from a company called Moo. Really nifty site, they also do stickers, mini cards and postcards. I got 50 of these for around 15 quid, including VAT and postage and packaging. I highly recommend them if you're looking for a company to do some printing, you do all your designing online, nice and quick and easy.

My friend Maria created the illustration for me. I think it works really well alongside my signature feather hairclip image. Cheers Maria, you little gorgeous star!

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Here's another headband I've created for the Bizarre Bazaar on Sunday. I'm so excited now. My business cards arrived today, they look amazing. I shall post some pics later when I'm satisfied with how much sewing I've got done today (yes, I'm slacking RIGHT NOW!)

I really don't know if I'll be able to part with this one. I've said before how besotted I am with circus chic and I really am obsessed with pom-poms, but the autumn leaf colours and the tortoise-shell headband all combine to drive me loopy! Oh well, there's always more pom-poms and there's always more headbands....but I do want this one.

Monday, 12 July 2010


Found out today I will be having a stall at the Bizarre Bazaar in Dewsbury on Sunday as part of the festival in Crow Nest Park, very VERY exciting stuff. I've been waiting to hear back if my application had been accepted for a while now, and I've got less than a week to crack on with making stuff to fill a 10ft stall (my biggest yet!) Here's a couple of alice bands I whizzed up this afternoon. I've also made one with a cluster of autumnal coloured pom-poms, which I'm going to find hard to let go! Ordered some fancy business cards today too but they won't be arriving until next wednesday, poop :(
Exciting times for Truly Scrumpy. Onwards and upwards!

Friday, 9 July 2010


Roary- the latest edition to my sock friend family, now consisting of Zebra-san, Mr Bungle and Colonel Mustard. They will be joining me at a vintage and craft fair at Bar Up in Halifax tomorrow, from 1pm. Come and see if you're about :) Over and out.