Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Inspiration Hunt

Sigh. Today has been completely lacking in drive, motivation and inspiration. I'd originally set aside my day off to work on the Truly Scrumpy website, but yet again I sat down to work and within 5 minutes was tearing my hair out. So, I cyber tip-toed over to Etsy and scrolled through a few of my favourite shops (and a few suggested favourites, a feature I hadn't taken advantage of before) to get my creative mind cogs whirring in order to soothe my aching soul with a bit of craft therapy.

Unordinarily, I'm not feeling like trying my hand at anything today. Maybe I should see someone. This is truly irregular and I'm not enjoying it. I'm going to have a bash at making some mini knitted bunting for a new cushion cover idea I want to try out. I may have to wrap the wool round myself and the chair first, but here's hoping I'll be able to settle down...for a while at least.

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