Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

Mickey Mouse Tee: Help the Aged (charity shop)
Caramel Corduroy Shorts: The Warehouse
Denim Jacket: Vintage
Platform shoes: K-Mart
Spots and Stripes Tights: The Warehouse
Locket: UK Flea Market
Gingham Wire Headband: Bamboo Bear
Plaited Leather Belt: Recycled Clothing Warehouse

I think today's post will show I'm a bit of a reuse and recycle kind of girl! Always in hunt of a bargain, I'm pretty proud of my chairty shopping skills and the knack I have for finding second-hand gems. 

I find it hard to spend a lot of money on clothes, unless they're handmade and therefore unique and of quality workmanship. I just think there's better things to spend money on in life! But that doesn't mean I don't like shopping. I probably have less clothes & shoes in my wardrobe than most girls my age but I still have a lot! 

There are certain shops and brands I adore, but just don't go into their stores as I know there will be heart-ache when I turn over the price tag. Instead, I try find the cheaper alternatives or something vintage/second hand that probably inspired said expensive designer in the first place. I tend to alter and customise my clothes, so there's not much point spending a lot on something I'm just going to take the scissors or fabric glue to anyway!

One of my favourite second-hand market finds has to be the locket I'm wearing today. I love the dual pendants and the turquoise 'n' orange stones set into them, but it's what's inside that's the most special :)

I'm also wearing a headband that I made this afternoon, following a tutorial from Blue Eyed Freckle. It was easy peasy; took me about 10 mins. I substituted plastic coated wire for pipe cleaners (cheapy cheap!) and used a fabric remnant from an Op Shop.


  1. Thank you :) they're pretty easy to walk in too!

  2. Love the way you have combined it all - also LOVE the tights I am going to try and find some too - are they a recent purchase?

  3. Yup, got them on Monday so they should still have lots. good old Warehouse ey :)