Sunday, 14 October 2012

Holidaying Bear

You may have been wondering where Bamboo Bear had got to these last couple of weeks. You may also wonder why Miss Bear did not inform you earlier of her absence. This would be because Miss Bear got so excited about the imminent arrival of Brother Bear, she couldn't think of anything else in the days leading up to his landing.

I am sad to inform you, however, that I have just returned from the airport to send said Brother Bear back to the land from whence we came. I am not sad, however, to say we had the most splendidest time while he was with us and journeyed all around the South Island and Christchurch together, seeing many a wonderful thing. In the coming days, I will be writing daily posts detailing our adventures with many pictures and a few brilliant videos that really capture the essence of our explorations down under.

For now, I will leave you with this picture of Daddy Bear wearing his birthday present from me, courtesy of Brother Bear. Doesn't he look dashing? :)

Please excuse my short post today. I am a jumble of emotions and don't feel up to more just yet. But I'm sure it will be business as usual very soon. I already feel my acceptance of being here has grown after sharing my home with someone I love. Thanks Bren :)

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