Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

Dress: Primark (with Bamboo Bear customising!)
Skinny Jeans: Cotton On
Trusty Red Cardy: Primark
Ikat handbag: Vintage
Red Wedge Sandals: Number One Shoes
Rose necklace: a present from my Grandma

Apologies for the interruption to the scheduled programme of travel diaries, but I thought I'd squeeze a little Wardrobe Wednesday in as well this week, just to mix things up a bit!

I'm having a very matchy-matchy day today, not something that happens often. I don't tend to focus on colour co-ordination when choosing my outfit for the day, but it's nice when it kind of happens by accident anyway!

My dress is a very old Primark purchase that I decided to jazz up by adding applique hearts and red decorative stitching to the edges. 

I'm going through a polka-dot phase at the moment. I went shopping with Mr Bear on Saturday and everything I picked up was spotty, dotty or blotchy! I ended up buying a polka dot skirt and blouse and wore them to work on Sunday. Is it OK to wear spots together do you think? I felt confused all of a sudden but Mr Bear liked it!

My shoes I also bought on Saturday as No1 shoes had 30% off wedges over labour weekend and I saw these babies last time I was there but restrained myself. Hard to do a second time!

Anybody else going through a certain phase with clothes at the moment?


  1. Super cute. I love polka dots too and the combination of blue and red. A very happy outfit.

  2. This outfit makes me feel happy!! You look so good! My favourite colours and lots of great pattern mixing. You my friend are fabulous!xx :)

    1. Aww thanks Rachel, that's really sweet of you :) I've had so much great feedback since I started doing these posts, it's given me a new sense of confidence in what I wear :) xx

  3. Love the colour combo blue and red look fabulous together. Lovely to see you at ww again x