Friday, 26 October 2012

Road Trip: Day Six

For those of you who aren't quite so familiar with the landscape of New Zealand, Franz Josef is at the heart of glacier country. That's right; so far, we've had seaside towns, yellow sandy beaches, snowy mountains, rocky cliffs and now...glaciers. 

Friday was a grim day which started with drizzle and built up to utter down pours. Only Brendan and Martin made it to see Franz Josef Glacier as I opted to stay under a blanket in the camper!

I did decide to brave the weather at Fox Glacier, however, as the mist had cleared slightly and the chance of seeing anything seemed to be increased. And I'm glad I did, even if we were drenched afterwards! The glacier was breath-taking; an eery blue light seemed to shine from its ginormous mass. I envied the people who'd paid for guides to take them up onto the ice itself, but I tend to enjoy things more when they don't cost anything. The world has many wonders to offer that don't entail a fee!

We put our heads down and hurried back to the camper for a lemon and honey and a spot of Kea picture taking.

The drive to Wanaka would have been much more pleasant had it not been for the torrents of rain which made the rivers fat and created many temporary waterfalls, some of which flooded onto the road and threatened to sweep us into the greedy river beneath.

At last, we arrived at our campsite, where we had stayed on our holiday at Easter. We were joined for dinner by a mallard and his wife, along with an array of Chaffinches and a couple of shy quail.

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