Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

Pussybow Blouse: handmade by Bamboo Bear
Rust Blazer: vintage find from The British Heart Foundation
Woven Leather Belt: Op Shop
Shorts, Sunnies and Tights: The Warehouse
Suede Moccasins: K-Mart

Hello readers and welcome to the return of Wardrobe Wednesdays, after a little break away. I've actually cheated a little this week as this picture wasn't taken today but last week :-/ It was a wednesday though! I'm sure I can be forgiven :)

I'm also very excited to show off my new photo skills acquired through the use of a brand spanking new Bamboo tablet brought from the UK for me by my brother. I had lots of fun yesterday playing around with it and practicing drawing smooth lines. I'd read it takes a bit of getting used to and it definitely feels weird at first, but I'm steadily getting better!

I will be using it to create some embroidery designs to sell as kits in the Make Cafe where I start work at the end of the month. So excited! It is the perfect job :)

I'll hopefully get round to writing my first travel post tomorrow. Nearly over the moping stage after sending Brendan home two days ago. I will start uploading pics of our trip away on my flickr tonight too so stay tuned!

Oh and here's an animation of my outfit too with me doing what little sisters do best: silliness...


  1. Oooh, I've been keeping an eye on the Make Cafe - absolutely love the idea and yay, it's in Christchurch. Should be a wonderful job eh?

    Looking lovely, that wee video cracked me up! :P

    - Emma

  2. Those tights are such FUN! I love the pattern.

  3. Gorgeous blouse, and those tights are awesome!

  4. Hi Emma. We should be opening at the start of November. Come in and I'll make you a coffee :)

    Thanks for the lovely comments guys.

  5. these autumnal colours are gorgeous! what a beautiful outfit, and great photos!!xx

  6. I bought some of your tights the other day!! Love the blouse you made - talented! Great news about the awesome job. x

  7. Hi Rachel. Thanks for your comment :) Just hopped over to your blog and love your style! A fellow Brit too I see ;) x

    Hey Miriam. Glad you located the tights! You'll have to come check out the cafe when we open, it's going to be crafty heaven! x