Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Mr Bear = Pillar of Strength

As you may know, Mr Bear was appointed QS on the construction of Christchurch's Transitional Cathedral earlier this year (or, as most will know it, the Cardboard Cathedral). A very exciting project for him and something that I'm sure will be amazing for his CV! 

The Cathedral, designed by top Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, employs a very unqiue structure consisting essentially of cardboard tubes, protected from the weather by a polyurethane coating and a polycarbonate cladding. 

The tubes, weighing in about 40kg, arrived in the city yesterday, along with about 20 different film crews all wanting to catch a glimpse of the revolutionary building material and get the low-down from members of the Naylor Love team. Martin helped unload the tubes from the lorries and was caught on camera in this clip, appearing at about 1:46.

He also appeared in today's Christchurch Press, under the caption 'Pillars of Strength'! So proud!! 

Showing off his creative side and knack for making realistic art, Mr Bear has been making a small scale model of the new Cathedral. He has given me permission to share a work-in-progress picture, although he has done a lot more since!

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