Sunday, 23 September 2012

Looking Up

Matai Trees - Black Pine

A Rock Pool full of Ducklings

My Fluffy Friend

Mr and Mrs Shell Duck

A School Trip?

Kereru - NZ Wood Pidgeon


Daffodils in the Daffodil Woodland
My favourite part of living in New Zealand is what your eyes behold upon looking upwards. It is amazing the difference looking up to see a clear blue sky can make to your day. A blue sky is kind. Whenever I feel homesick, I remember what a difference a grey sky makes (apologies to those still in England but sometimes it's nice to rub it in!)

When I arrived home from work today, I could have cleaned the flat, or done some packing (we have to move flats in the near future) or even made a shopping list. But I looked outisde and saw a crystal clear sky and just had to be outside. It's not exactly the warmest day, but there's something about a cloudless ceiling and a brisk wind that gives your brain a good clear out.

You may remember my post from a few of weeks ago detailing the arrival of an early spring here in Christchurch, and an afternoon spent in the Botanical Gardens with Mr Bear, photographing copious amounts of budding taking place all around us. I thought I would revisit some of the places we spotted new signs of life and see how they have progressed since our last visit.

I intended to only go for a short walk, just enough time to finish my hazelnut frappe (a bad choice of beverage when the wind is on the chilly side!) Before I knew it, I was at the far side of the gardens and my camera had run out of battery. I suppose that's what happens when your mind isn't paying attention to where your feet are taking you.

In approximately 89 hours, I will be drifting down the River Avon in a punt with my brother. 89 hours! It's all I can think about. There are so many things I can't wait to show him. It will be a great effort to bear in mind how jetlagged he will be when he first gets here and that I should take it easy on him. But that's not what little sisters are for :)

Here are some comparison shots of budding flora:


And after.


And after.

And after.

And one more picture of fluffy ducklings, incase you didn't ooze with joy enough the first time:

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