Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

Skirt and vest top: General Issue
Tights: probably Primarni!
Bracelets: Fijian Pop Up Shop, various presents
Necklace: Op-shopped
Fox earrings: Sly Fox
Lipstick: E.L.F
Well, here it is: my first Wardrobe Wednesday. This initiative was launched by the incredibly talented creator of Sailor Spy, Ninotchka McKay, whom I have been assisting over the past few weeks. It was created as a way for ordinary women (like you and me!) to share outfits they wear on a daily basis that they might me especially proud of or make them feel good in their bodies. Nin has a great sense of style and I think all ladies will agree with me in thinking that we love having a nosy at what others are wearing and getting inspiration on how to style garments. 

Recently, Nin has passed the role of Wardrobe Master onto her good friend Miriam, who is hosting regular Wardrobe Wednesdays on her blog. Head on over for a nosy. I hope these posts inspire women to re-evaluate how they feel about their bodies and give them the confidence to 'dress to express'.

I bought this outfit this weekend (whilst shopping for walking sandals!) and have been looking forward to a nice sunny day to wear it. Face minus make-up but, since this is a daily style post and I generally don't wear make-up, it's true to life. Well, apart from the hint of lippy!


  1. Cute casual rock chick look. I love the bracelets - and a whimsical print on your tee

  2. Thanks Nin :) I think the print on the tee might be inspired by the Maori woven cloaks?

  3. You look great - love the way you have added the lacey tights into this outfit such a great contrast. Thanks for joining us - lovely to have you :o)

  4. I really like your cute skirt and the sweet print on your top. Great outfit!

  5. Thank you for your kind comments :)