Monday, 26 November 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

Thundercats Tee: HMV Menswear, customised
Denim Shorts: New Look
Leather Woven Belt: Vintage
Green Cardi: Sallie's
Red Sandals: Number 1 Shoes
Hat: Market stall at A&P Show
Necklace: A present from my mum-in-law to be :)
Black Patent Leather Bag: Vintage
Unicorn Earring: The Lanes, Meadowhall

Well, my outfit this week is pretty self-explanatory. This is what I was wearing last Sunday when we went Christmas shopping for our family back home (hence the big red Bally's bag). So I thought I'd share some fashion thoughts this week and talk a bit about how we're perceived by people according to the way we dress and how this affects us.

Sometimes I feel I get funny looks when I go out. Yes, that may be because I'm a strange girl and it tends to show. But I also think it has a lot to do with what I'm wearing. I don't feel I have a crazzzy dress sense but I do tend to dress in a way that normally makes me stand out. But, in this day and age, is standing out to be shunned or embraced?

Walking down the street in this particular get-up last weekend, I felt the eyes of many a young lady boring into my back as I passed by. Mr Bear assured me they were just looking at him and I should worry more about keeping a firmer grip on his arm (I don't think he expected the torrent of giggles that followed this statement, however!) But I'm quite used to other girls looking at me in a kinda confused way.

A skype conversation I had with my brother the other day prompted me to look into the way this female attention makes me feel and how it affects my garment decisions each morning. We were discussing our perceptions of criticism and how the fear of rejection can sometimes hold us back in life. But if you really love doing something, you will continue to do it regardless of what people think, and this is how we can recognise our real passions in life and what is fundamental to our being and therefore unchangeable.

I came to the conclusion that this has always been the case for me: I have always dressed the way I do and have always received the occasional gawp or lingering stare. But this has never stopped me standing in front of my wardrobe and picking sliced up men's tees, shorts that are probably too short for my size of leg and tying my hair up in childish styles. And that is because this is who I am and what I love to wear and no amount of girlish gawping will ever change that. 

And, let's face it, people sometimes react negatively out of jealousy; at least that's what my Ma's always told me, but she would :)

So there's some food for thought this week, readers! I believe what we wear should reflect our personality, the colours we love and what we enjoy in life. Wouldn't you agree?

Oh, and Happy Movember! :)


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  1. So true - great post Holly. I think it's a shame we dress so much for others and so little for ourselves xx

    1. Thanks Miriam. That's true. I think if we're not comfortable in something we're wearing, it's generally a sign that we're not wearing it for ourselves! xx

  2. That hat! That necklace! Awesome - you look great, and I totally agree that you should dress for yourself, not other people.
    (Ange - Tall, Short & Tiny)

  3. I don't know where you hang out, but you look awesome anywhere!!!

    1. There's no pleasing everyone I guess haha! Thanks Deb x

  4. Psssh to those girls! Whatever. I think you look great and your sense of fun shows through. :)

    1. Aww thanks :) I'm glad it does! Poooh to them indeed! x

  5. Keep in mind that many of those looks are because the girls admire both your style and your guts to wear what speaks to you. Even when I often wouldn't wear a look myself, I admire a well put-together look that shows personality. Sometimes I even end up kind of a (more) grumpy (than usual) face because I'm mad at myself for not having the guts to push the envelope more.

    Anyway, I think you look adorable! Don't ever stop.