Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Rose Convert

Today's post is a bit of a photography special. Believe it or not, I have a repetitive strain injury in my wrist from cutting fabric a lot and I'm not very good at doing what I'm told and resting when injured. So I thought I'd do a post with relatively little writing involved today. I'll let the photographs do most of the talking (yeah right, I hear you say!).

Yesterday, my fiance and I (yes, I'm referring to Mr Bear in that way as often as possible!!) went for a stroll around the Botanical Gardens in the afternoon. On our way home, we passed through the Rose Garden and found everything had suddenly bloomed all at once, after months of nothing but bare thorny stems!

I've never thought of myself as much of a rose-loving kind of girl. In fact, I'm not much of a fan of most flowers that are considered conventionally pretty. My favourite flowers are Hydrangeas - more specifically Mophead Hydrangeas -  and mostly I like flowers that grow from vegetables, like courgettes and artichokes.

So I was slightly perplexed to find myself dashing from bed to bed in the rose garden, discovering the many different varieties and their interesting names. I have to admit, I think I have been converted. I found some of the roses in the garden to be so intriuging in their depth and variety of colour and shapes. I fell in love with the Brown Velvet Roses and I'm besotted with a dusky pink rose called Smokey Joe.

My favourite had to be the Tequilla Sunrise Rose, with its burnt orange-edged peachy petals. As the colour theme for our wedding is peach and grey, I would like to make a whole bouquet of Tequilla Sunrise roses in silk, like these beautiful fabric flowers that have been held over a candle until the edges curl up. I think they look very authentic and would love a bouquet that would never wilt and fade away.

Brown Velvet

Tequilla Sunrise


Ebb Tide

Smokey Joe

Nancy Hayward

I hope you enjoy my catalogue of roses :) Have a great day!

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