Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

Mandarin collar blouse: Pagani
Pencil Skirt: SaveMart
Geometric handbag: Vintage
Peacock Earrings: A present from my Aunty
Tights: The Warehouse
Black Brogues: KMart

The night before the grand opening at The Make Cafe, we held a launch party with an exclusive guest list for all those who had put in so much hard work and dedication into fitting out the shop and cafe. 

I'd been working all day, helping with the finishing touches before the party: upholstering chairs, framing pictures and decorating the place. I dashed home to get ready and virtually threw this outfit together. I scrub up okay when I don't think too much about it!

We had a lovely evening and it was so nice to meet some of the others who had contributed their time in order to help make this venture a success. Kirsty and Justin, my new employers, made a teary thank-you speech to which we made a toast and celebrated with a slice of Make Cafe Cake, courtesy of the very talented Angie from Bake Me Cakes. Yummmm!

Click on the link below to pop over to Miriam's and read the confessions of a fashionista!


  1. Gorgeous! Love the pencil skirt, and it's nice how those 'last minute' outfits always look and feel so effortless.

    1. Thanks Naomi :) I agree, sometimes it's best not to think too much about what you're going to wear before hand and trust that it will come together in the end :)

  2. I love the bag, your shoes and tights! You look great. Pulled together and dressed up but still unique and interesting!

  3. love this outfit and also love the make-up cute eyes and the earrings are rad too

    1. Thanks Miriam :) don't get enough occasion to wear these earrings!

  4. Fabulous shade of blue. So glad to read that everything went well. Also I heart that lipstick color!