Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

Tiger Growl Tee: Glassons
Green Cardi: Sallie's
Flowery Skirt: Customised second-hand
Tights: New Look
Black Brogues: K-Mart
Handbag: Celia Birtwell
Fox Earrings: Sly Fox
Straw Hat: CHCH A&P show stall
Bracelets: Malaysian pop up shop @ The Colombo


Did everyone have a nice day off on Friday for Canterbury day??  I managed to get the afternoon off by splitting my shift with a workmate, wahoo! Mr Bear came to collect me from work at 12.30 and we had lunch and cake at the Cafe before heading along to the A&P show.

I picked up this awesome straw hat from one of the stall-holders there. She had an amazing array of really stylish hats, I spent quite some time picking one! And this type of hat usually doesn't suit me so I was surprised to find so many different styles that looked pretty good! I felt very appropriately dressed for the occasion once I'd doned this baby :)

We returned home afterwards and cracked open a bottle of pink champagne my boss had given us to celebrate our engagement. It was supped on the balcony whilst listening to Bowie and reminiscing. A truly lovely day.

Tune in tomorrow for some pictures from our adventures at the show! 

P.S No, you don't have your rose tinted specs on. I've dyed my hair red. I hated it at first but it's grown on me since lots of people have said they like it (and my friend Gabby said it makes my eye colour stand out, which is a plus!)

Have a gander at Miriam's today; she's talking about how it feels to take outfit pictures in public!


  1. yeah i like the red too and the new hat - fun times!

  2. You are so styley. Love what you make happen with your outfits.

  3. Pretty! And congrats again on the engagement. Hope you are resting up the wrist.

  4. So pretty! Love the colored tights!