Monday, 21 April 2014

Cosmetics Roll

Presenting the newest addition to my travel accessories range - the cosmetics roll case! My usual make-up bag is round, fat and full of empty eyeliners and funny coloured lipsticks that I never wear - I'm sure this is fairly standard! So I went on the virtual hunt for a cosmetics holder that would accommodate a scaled-down collection of war-paint and be easily stowed in my back-pack.

The use of a clear plastic wipe-able vinyl attracted me to this particular tutorial, since I've never worked with it before and saw this as an opportunity to not only have an easily cleaned make-up pouch, but to up skill myself too!

I've also been working with zippers and binding a lot recently and any chance to practice is really useful! I used two designs from one of my favourite fabric collections at the moment - 'Modern Folkloric' by The Henley Design Studio - and chose a contrasting yellow polka-dot for the binding to off-set the subdued colour palette.

I was a bit daunted about attaching the binding around the curve of the flap, but when it came down to it, it sewed up beautifully. I'm very proud! I've also found a new love and appreciation for hand-stitching, which I have always previously found a drag.

Maybe I've learnt to appreciate any task which allows me to sit quietly for a while without my brain working over-time on all the things I should be doing!

What do you think??

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  1. I love hand stitching binding (especially when there is a glass of wine close at hand and a good film on the telly!) Your cosmetic pouch is amazing- well done, no wonder you are so proud of it.