Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Travel - Earring Book

One of the things I usually struggle to pack in a space-saving fashion when we travel is my ever-growing earring collection. Since cutting my hair boy-short (or Justin Beiber short, as Martin prefers to call it), I seem to be acquiring more and more studs and danglies in celebration of my ears being on show all the time.

I came across this tutorial on making a felt earring book and gave it a go using animal-print felt for the cover and a lovely speckled firm grey for the pages.

I opted for an elastic closure - using a hair bobble for extra thriftiness - and added a leather button too. A super cheap project, at around $3 (£1.50) - can't go wrong! 

Making this book also reminded me that my sewing machine has more functions than just my default setting of a 2.5 straight stitch. I used a downward arrow stitch on the cover and a wide zig-zag to secure the pages - I just need to remember to change it back for when I'm stitching skirt side panels together!

Right, now to fill it full of earrings! Maybe I need to go buy some more...

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