Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Neck Pillows

Hello! Wow, it's been a while right? You might be aware that I have been doing a spot of globe-trotting over the last three months, hence an extended period of absence on the blogosphere. With just two days until we return home to Christchurch, we are on 'back-to-normality' count-down here in Bangkok. This return to business as usual for me also includes blogging and sharing new developments here for friends and family (and possibly a few others who may happen across this page). 

Before we commenced our epic journey back in May, I had lined up a series of draft posts with photos of various projects I had been working on (mostly travel-related items!) so it makes sense for me to begin my return to writing by publishing these archived posts.

Today, I want to share with you some pics of a couple of travel pillows I whipped up before we left. As with most travel related items, these seem to be particularly expensive to buy in high-street shops, so I decided to save a few pennies and make some myself. They aren't necessarily a necessity for travel, but the pillows that are provided on most major airlines are generally useless and we knew we might be doing a few overnight bus/train journeys in Asia too.

I chose flannel for its softness and, yes, it's pretty darn cheap too! I improvised a pattern and used a soft poly-fill to pack them out. I also sewed in a little loop to allow us to hang them from our packs.

Can you guess which is mine??

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