Monday, 14 April 2014

A Home for a Harmonica

A few months ago, I acquired a harmonica. Since I've started learning to play the ukulele, I have gained a new-found confidence in the potential of my musical capabilities. I've had a peek into a world which I had previously felt I was too slow and unco-ordinated to be a part of. 

I'm still very much a beginner and progress is slow, but I am really enjoying discovering new abilities. As I'm going to be leaving my uke at home whilst we are travelling for three months, a harmonica is the perfect portable instrument which can tag along with us and provide some tuneful company on the road.

Typically, before I taught myself any tunes, I had to make my harmonica a cute case! Using a combination of hand-embroidered linen and scraps of fabric from my travel wallet, I based the case on a tutorial for a glasses pouch from Liberty's blog. Again, to be extra thrifty, I used a hair bobble for the elastic and a matching button from my stash.

So now my little harmonious harmonica can accompany me on my travels and provide sweet sweet music on train platforms, during long bus journeys and for nights when I can't get to sleep because it's ridiculously hot. Martin's going to love it!

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