Monday, 28 July 2014

Drawstring Bags

Hello, me again! Away for so long and yet back again so soon, ha! Today I've got some pictures I thought I'd share of a few drawstring bags I made for our trip. 

Drawstring bags are so handy for keeping bits and pieces together in a big bag and, as it turns out, super simple to make! I spent barely anything on these little guys as you only really need the kind of materials you'll probably have hanging around anyway as a maker. 

I made a couple to keep all my jewellery in a safe place - using a little bit of linen, some vintage gypsy ribbon as decoration and a snippet of hessian cord. These fellas have kept all my fave items of personal adornment safe and sound and brought a smile to my face each time I pull them from my pack. I love the simplicity of the plain linen with just a pretty bit of ribbon added.

Before we set off on our adventure, I was keen on preparing some ways in which we could keep our packs organised. It's hard enough as it is to live out of a bag for three whole months - nearly four months now since we left our rental property and started staying with friends - without constantly having to re-pack and keep things in different sections etc. 

So I thought we might benefit from having a laundry bag each, to help make life a little easier! I had these two vintage pillowslips lying amidst my fabric collection in the studio and thought they'd fit the bill perfectly. All I had to do was press down the open edge to create a casing for the pull-cord and - hey presto! - job done.

I also made a bag to keep clean 'small clothes' from floating around and getting lost. Again I chose to re-purpose, using a little silk tote bag my Mum had sent over from Italy: snipping off the existing handles, sewing them together and using them as the drawstring. Easy as that!

So that's about it for the travel-related makes. I have one more archived post to publish, then I can start to share some pictures of our epic journey and maybe throw in a couple of tales along the way....does that sound good? Or I could just post some links to the albums on Flickr??

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