Monday, 1 July 2013

Anything but Hibernating

It may be winter but Christchurch is anything but hibernating folks! This city is experiencing Spring all year round. Maybe not in terms of weather - although the last week has been beautiful - but certainly in terms of budding businesses planting seeds and bringing new life and colour to the rubbled landscape.

By now, we're used to things quietening down during the winter months and having to find ways to keep ourselves entertained. But, if you know where to look, there's still plenty going on in and around town.

On Friday night we headed over to Lyttelton to watch the fireworks as part of a Street Party for their festival of light. The streets were lined with food stalls and thronged with people in fancy dress, big cuddly blankets and an array of interesting head wear! Our ears with serenaded by the haunting voice and stomping tunes of Devlish Mary and The Holy Rollers. We had a little jig (more to keep warm than anything!) and grabbed a cup of warm mulled apple to defrost our insides.

Saturday morning was craft market day, as we headed over to CPIT for The Craft Collective's 'Dead of Winter Market'. I snatched up an awesome panda illustrated plate by Shit's About To Get Dainty to add to our art work wall, a couple of sweet silver stacking rings from Random Little Things and a bobbin-tastic head scarf from Little Heart. My shopping success was topped off by a cup of Minestrone soup and a couple of tunes from a talented young busker.

In the afternoon, we headed over the Port Hills to Governor's Bay to sample some cocoa goodness from She Chocolat, resolving to return soon to attend one of their chocolate creating courses!

As some Christchurch dwellers will know, The Tannery shopping emporium has recently under-gone serious renovations and re-opened its doors to the public again. Though still a work in progress with a lot of empty retail space waiting to be occupied, The Tannery is now home to an eclectic mix of gift shops, homewares, a surf shop, silversmithing workroom, tattoo studio, second-hand book shop, vintage clothing and a very classy wine bar. I can't wait to see it full  of shops and hope to take a class in silversmithing soon!

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