Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Giant's House

Way back in May, Martin and I enjoyed a long weekend in Akaroa, the French inspired harbour town in the nearby Banks Peninsula. Although we made a rookie error of leaving our digital camera at home, I managed to take a few snaps using my phone to record our time there.

It was actually quite nice to have left the camera behind, as it meant we were able to relax properly and not experience everything through a view-finder, which made a nice change.

But for me, it was very important to take some photos of one place we visited during our time there. 

The Giant's House is a bed and breakfast with a difference. Mosaic artist Josie Martin has transformed her home, business and gardens into a living work of art. Paintings and sculptures are scattered all around the grounds and everywhere you look is abundant with colour and reflected light.

It was quite an emotional visit for me as my Mum, an artist herself, is very interested in mosaics and had come across The Giant's House online, urging me to visit the next time we were in Akaroa. Walking around the beautifully landscaped gardens, I knew my Mum would be in her element and I felt a pain growing in my chest with each step I took as I longed to share this experience with her. 

So I made a video whilst I walked.....

I hope one day we'll be able to go for a stroll there together, Ma :)
To see all our photos from the house, have a look at our Flickr account.

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