Monday, 30 July 2012

Scrappy Bunting

I am a big advocate of recycling and upcycling, using things you already have to refashion into something new. I love taking something old or purposeless and giving it a new lease of life and meaning. As I have said before, my favourite room in our little flat is the kitchen, mainly due to its cosy proportions and homeliness. To give it that extra quaint feeling, I used some offcuts I had in my fabric stash to make some bunting to go above the balcony door. I used lace trimming snipped from an old tablecloth that I used to make my pillowcases and cut the triangles out with crimping scissors so I didn't have to waste fabric sewing two sides together.

Pretty pleased with the result for a 5 minute project. I could put bunting in any room, but I think I will attempt to exercise some restraint; at least until we have a few more rooms!

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