Sunday, 22 July 2012


In a bid to ensure we make the most of our Saturdays together, we paid a visit to Orana Wildlife Park last Saturday. Located near Christchurch airport, I can't believe its taken us so long to make a trip there but it was a good wintery thing to do. We paid an extra $30 to take part in the 'Lion Encounter'. Basically, once a day, Orana takes a group of 20 people into the lion enclosure to take part in the feeding. Luckily, they are kind enough to provide a cage for the passengers and big chunks of meat to keep the lions happy. We were more than close enough for my liking, with lions on either side and above us.

 Having been dribbled on lots and roared at quite a few times, we spent 10 minutes having a sit down on a bench after the encounter. Even when safely behind bars, you tend to forget to breathe when put in such close proximity to these beautiful creatures!

To see all our pics from the day, have a looksie here.

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