Monday, 30 July 2012

Just Hangin'

I am a real stickler for not seeing things through to the end. I have such an active imagination, I rarely ever end up finishing a project before moving onto the next. This is something which I would like to improve upon, but also something which I reluctantly accept is who I am. However, I have vowed to myself to catch up and tie my loose ends so I can start new projects with a clean conscience.


You may remember my Creations post back in April (or may not; it was a long time ago!) I originially planned to string these little creatures together to make a hanging decoration similar to a felted camel decoration we had back home. Since we didn't have any where to hang things in our previous dwelling, this project didn't really feel like a priority and therefore fell by the wayside. In contrast, we have quite a few hanging places in our new flat, which are all quite high up: perfect for hanging long things! 

I hand-painted some plain wooden beads and strung the creatures and colourful orbs together with jewellery twine. I had a fair few beads left over, so I whipped up some little stuffed Matryoshka charms to hang in the kitchen above the sink. Sweet, no?

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