Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Hidden Bear

I have been absent for some time, hiding in the wilderness probably, as my elusive bear-nature dictates. We have moved house in the last month and lost connection to the virtual world for some time. But never fear, I have returned.

Since finding our own little apartment and sense of seclusion and relative tranquility here in the city centre, a lot has changed. I feel some of the dreams we had and the visions for the life we would create for ourselves down under are finally being realised. I have been throwing as much of our collective identity into the apartment as possible. Maybe in an attempt to feel rooted and 'at home' in this slightly alien environment.

My favourite room in the flat is definitely the kitchen. It is tiny, full of character and warmth and smells like ginger biscuits. Sometimes, I go in there, close the door behind me and just feel comforted by its sense of enclosure and quiet. Strange for someone who is usually so claustrophobic, I know!

I've had a day of ups and downs. I had a lovely lunch date with a friend and a good catch up, followed by some heavy disappointment due to the cancellation of a course I was due to enrol upon and the struggle to find another suitable to my needs. I'm wanting to learn how to draft patterns so I can bring my designs to life and construct garments from my imagination. As an international student, this is proving quite tricky as the financial implications of not being a citizen/resident of NZ means pretty much tripling the course fees.

 Here's a finished piece that I've been working on at my Tuesday morning sewing class (constructed using a bought pattern but I've adapted it slightly to make it longer at the back ect).

After a brisk walk around the park to soothe my frustration, I came home and drank a pot of tea on our balcony whilst musing over my dilemma. I didn't come up with any grand solutions during that time, but instead spent my time noticing the myriad silhouettes of tiny workmen on the roofs of the city's soon to be demolished high rises. It's quite bizarre seeing the sky-line dotted with little men everywhere! I think sitting on the balcony in winter will become a little habit of mine.

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