Sunday, 1 April 2012

To The Gorge!

Last weekend, we woke on Sunday morning and made an impromptu decision to visit Rakaia Gorge, 80km out from the city. Along the way, we saw a farm named 'Huddersfield', a field of lady deer, an Australian Harrier eating Possum roadkill and thousands of Cabbage Whites dancing amongst the wildflowers. We took a short detour to the town of Methren as we were running on an empty tank and enjoyed a picnic in the children's playground before going in search of something to mend Mr Bamboo Bear's injured paw (he reacts very badly to insect bites, good job we were in an English speaking country this time!) The Gorge itself is pretty impressive, as you can see from the above pictures. We returned home to be greeted by a lovely Christchurchian sunset to end the day. Another edition to the spontaneous weekend series.

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