Monday, 2 April 2012

Off Op Shopping

Italiano Casas 50c each
Crochet Blankets $4 each

Colourful Camping Plates $1 each
Retro Flask $3
We are planning a little trip away for the Easter long weekend and need some stuff to kit out of car for camping in. I went on a wander today to do a bit of thrifting at a couple of charity shops, or 'Op Shops' as they're called here in Nuovo Zelanda (short for opportunity). I had some great luck. Found a couple of lovely crochet blankets at the local Sallie's to keep us warm overnight and some handy mini camping plates. I also came across these pretty little houses for 50c each and couldn't resist. They're now sitting on my window-sill making me feel all warm inside as I think of Italy. The lady at the counter rounded it down to just 10 bucks, what a bargain! I then went down to 'The Great Opportunity Shop' in Sydenham, which turned out to be a huge treasure chest with a pretty cool retro clothes section too. I managed to steer myself clear of the retro corner in an attempt not to spend too much money and came across this wonderful flask. I've always wanted one of these and I just love the Scandinavian type decoration. It will definitely come in handy for steaming cups of coffee to keep us alert on our travels! I also snapped up a vintage sheet and duvet cover for $2 each to kit out our make-shift car-bed. Still in need of some curtains and a mattress but I'm nearly there. Maybe I'll be lucky again tomorrow!

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