Sunday, 1 April 2012

Second Hand Delights

Peach Dress $28 (£14)

Jazzy Shirt £2 (£1)
Winter Jumper $2

Floral Shirt $2

Leather Jacket $16 (£8)

Brown Leather Purse $3 (£1.50)
Last week, I went foraging in a second-hand warehouse with my flatmate Gabby. She had been the day before and come home with a gorgeous black cover-up with gold roses for only $2. I wanted to see this miraculous place for myself! I spent $52 and returned from my adventure with a jumper, two shirts, a dress, a leather jacket and a vintage purse. Not bad for a morning's work! My best find has to be the peach chiffon dress. My favourite colour and it hangs really beautifully.

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