Thursday, 26 April 2012

Anzac Day

Governor's Bay

Our picnic view

Feeling anything but blue

The pier

Our picnic

Grumpy Bear

This Wednesday (the 25th) was Anzac Day, New Zealand's day of rememberance. Martin and I decided to take a picnic to Governor's Bay near Lyttelton. We had never been before but knew the views on the drive over to be stunning as our housemate had visited a few weeks ago. At first, it wasn't very clear where we could go to sit on the waterside and we drove around looking for picnic spots for quite some time. After a few turnings around, we decided to park on the street where most cars were and just walk down in the direction of the water. We passed a few people walking back up with dogs and bikes so felt relieved we were on the right track. Over a bridge, we looked down to see the pier and a long path stretching along the cliffs. We plumped for a sunny patch of grass on the path side and dug into our late lunch - pinwheels, champagne ham, olives, pitachios and grapes with fejioa and pear juice. Yum. After heading home, we found we had the house to ourselves for a while so got comfy on the couch watching True Grit, Dumb and Dumber and The Great Escape, pretty much back to back.A good day all in all!

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