Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Road Trip. Day Four.

Day Four:

I was surprised to not be feeling my normal 'end of holiday blues' by Monday morning. I was actually quite looking forward to the drive home and seeing some of the landscape we'd missed in the daylight this time. I drove from Wanaka to Twizel, through the stunning Lindis Valley. After a quick swap at Twizel, we were back in Tekapo for some lunch at the Run 77 Deli where we'd had our coffees the first morning. We wolfed down some homemade pies and were on the road again towards Ashburton, where we swapped again and found ourselves on the home straight, an hour to Christchurch. 

Just after setting off from Wanaka, Martin spotted his first roadkill of our journey home and shouted out 'POSSUM!', before proceeding to tape the back of a receipt to the dash and make a tally for our six hour drive home. A lovely game, I'm sure you'll agree. For some reason, we racked up 10 extra strikes driving through Tekapo. They must be real possum-haters there! By the time we got back to Christchurch, we had counted 120. A sad day for critter kind.

Although exhausted from so much driving, it was great to get away. And even lovelier to speak to Martin's Mum and his six-year-old cousin when we got home.

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