Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Commissions

After my last post when I shared pictures of the travel wallets I'd made for Martin and I, I received a couple of requests to make more for friends and family to use on their travels this year.

Here are the results! As you can see, they are two very distinctly different styles. The one on the left is for Martin's Auntie Sandra who lives in Melbourne (Au) and wanted a travel wallet for her trip to the US, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii at the end of May. 

Sandra asked me to chose the fabrics from the Flower Sugar range by Lecien. I went for a delicate floral print with a clean white background for the main fabric, with a co-ordinating pink polka dot for the interior. Super Pretty!

The second purse is for my good friend Abi, who travels a lot and gave me free rein with choosing fabrics from my stash (brave girl!) 

I went for this Japanese Linen which I bought from a seller on Etsy last year when purchasing a piece of lace for my wedding dress. In true quirky Japanese style, it features a mix of cat motifs and classic British emblems, like London Bridge and little Union Jacks. 

It also features miniature rainbows, which I thought was perfect as Abi has this wonderful knack of always looking on the bright side of life :)

I thoroughly enjoyed producing these two commission pieces and I very much hope their recipients will enjoy using them!

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