Saturday, 29 March 2014

Fairy Dust & Kisses

Last night, I attended a very special 21st birthday party for a very special lady in my life - Miss Renee Carver. It's been a rough couple of months and Renee has been a rock for us all in these hard times. She is so full of sparkle and sunshine...and her birthday celebrations were no different!

With fairy and elf fancy dress as a necessity, we celebrated with bubbles, copious amounts of glitter (that stuff is never coming off!) and giggles. Renee did an amazing job of decorating her pad to reflect her personality - good job sweetie!

I made a flower crown for the occasion, something I've been wanting to do forever! I feel more will be coming soon...

And I also created a one-off handmade gift (I've been sewing in my sleep by the way!) Renee is an amazing artist so I thought I'd make her a paintbrush roll to keep her watercolour brushes safe.

I hope you had an amazing evening last night chick and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Wednesday!!! Love you lots xxxxxxx

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