Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Crochet Sculptures

After months and months of failed efforts and lack of accomplishment, I learnt to crochet. Now I have made a blanket that is only big enough to fall into the 'leg-warming' category and 6 old-american squares I have no idea what to do with but adore the wool. I feel the union between me and crochet is a slightly dangerous one as I am slowly discovering that, unlike knitting, the possibilites with this medium are more or less unlimited. Crochet is much more about sculpting and developing as opposed to endless row upon row of straight stitches.

This morning I decided to go in search of some of the more adventurous things you can accomplish with crochet and have been absolutely amazed by some of the projects I came across, from a whole exhibition of crochet marine life to a life-size crochet amardillo. But nothing I have found yet excites me quite like the work of meekssandygirl, on Etsy.

Inspired by the lyrics of 'The Beatles', shes creates fairy-tale works that evoke deep feelings of nostalgia. Most mere mortals can only ever dream of creating such wonders. Yet again, I am in love.

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  1. The link to her etsy does not work. Is there anywhere else I can find more of her work?