Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hunting for Valentines

On Sunday I was treated to a very nice surprise my by lovely man, who had been preparing for the last week, in secret, a little valentine's treasure hunt! He had written 10 little poems which acted as clues to hidden locations around our house where he had stashed 10 reasons he loves me along with little presents. This was so much more thoughtful than your usual bunch of flowers and box of choccies, and more of a laugh too (more at me than anything, I'm not so good at disciphering clues it seems!)

My flowers were hidden under our coffee table.

Edible kittens were a bit of a surprise! I was a bit hesitant about eating them, they're so cute. But after tasting the chocolate, my reservations were forgotten!

The first clue was hidden in my card. Complete with two little bamboo bears :)

These are the clues!

Last year, I prepared him an indoor picnic complete with pop-up tent, chocolate dipped strawberries and love tokens for special treats. I thought I could never be beaten. I just might have to admit defeat on this one. Damn.

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