Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Tea and Tarts

In december last year, I was selling my wares at my local theatre's annual Festive Fayre where I came across a very lovely set of ladies.....completely unawares that they were actually the local Women's Institute group! "Run away!" I hear you cry, "They're all middle-aged, middle-class tory jam makers!" And yes, although I'm ashamed to admit it now, those are the thoughts that rushed through my mind when anyone mentioned the WI. I couldn't have been more wrong. I've always been a believer that women should at least be able to sew a button back on a loved cardigan and that nowadays, women are useless at the things that used to give us a collective sense of gender identity.

The best thing about my new discovery is that it fulfils my longing to join a regular group learning new skills and sharing crafty knowledge. Whether it's knitting, crochet, lace-making, book-binding...whatever the skill, there's something for everyone.

The meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at Gerry's Vintage Tearooms in Huddersfield (next to Verve and opposite the Parish Church). I attended my first meeting this month and absolutely loved it! The women are so warm, friendly, welcoming and a wide range of ages.

The first session of this year was how to knit a cupcake. Although we didn't have time to finish the whole project in one evening, our creative spark was ignited enough to carry it on when we went home. Here's the finished project. Not bad for my first try I think!

So ladies, I suggest we put away our old prejudices and assumptions and try something new this year. Be brave!

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