Thursday, 13 January 2011

Brooches and Bakewells

Hello readers!

Hope you all had a very merry christmas and a boozy new year! I'm feeling very excited about 2011! Although I don't believe in New Year's resolutions (let's face it, vowing to quit chocolate never lasts past January), I have thought of a few changes I'd like to make to the way I live. One of these is to blog at least once a week. From now on, check back every Thursday! Feel free to pester me if I start getting slack, I'm determined to stick to this one!

For me, this year is where my future career begins. In a couple of weeks, I will be attending a business enterprise course to apply for funding for my craft business. I am also planning on enrolling on a diploma course in Interior Design. Scary, but amazing. I've finally found something I'm 100% to making my life's work.

Another of my 'new year's changes' is to make all my friend's and family's birthday cards and presents. Yesterday was my close friend Suze's 24th birthday. I spent the afternoon making her some yummy cherry bakewells (very pleased with the result to say I've never made them before!) and the last week making a personalized brooch, inspired by her love of vintage and shabby chic. She loved them, I was so happy. Nothing beats seeing the look on someone's face when you give them something you've put time and love into.

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