Tuesday, 18 May 2010

My Owl Barn

Since I held a Barn Owl on my arm while it affectionately tried to peck my face off when I was little, I have had a respectful admiration (from a distance!) for these proud, wise creatures. My partner Martin and I recently paid a visit to the Chestnut Centre in Derbyshire where there are many different types of owls: severe stern owls, tiny ball of fluff owls and owls that look as if they've been stretched by Willy Wonka's taffy machine (now, they were odd!)

We even made a new discovery that there's a type of owl that lives underground in burrows. Not that owls can dig. This cheeky creature lets rabbits, badgers and moles do the work for him and then evicts them from there newly build homes. Sneaky...but genius.

I'd been thinking for a while now of how I can incorporate owls in my work: barn owl acrylic necklaces, owls on mugs ect. Meanwhile, I stumbled upon this little gem of inspiration where the possibilities with owls seem endless: My Owl Barn.

Better still, they're holding a competition....all with owly prizes! Follow the link to the blog for more details of how to enter.

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