Sunday, 17 February 2013

St Valentine's Delights

This Valentines I made Mr Bear an embroidered card. This is the debut piece in my new collection of animals in jumpers. Watch out for more additions to be added very soon!

As usual, I don't ever expect to be out-done by him in my gift selection, and every year he surprises me. This year he definitely topped me. I unwrapped a tiny brown papered parcel, remarking how tiny it was as I did, only to burst into breathless tears upon opening it to reveal a beautiful custom-inscribed necklace. He had asked the jeweller to inscribe it with our saying for when life gets a little rocky, "Still alive. Still in love", along with the date we met, 2nd Nov 2007.

When he saw how shocked I was he started laughing, saying "You really should learn not to underestimate me!" I think he thinks he's some kind of super gift buying evil genius. 

You never fail to surprise me, sweetheart :)

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