Thursday, 1 March 2012

Recipe for Smiles

Wearing my hair piled up on my head

Cranberry laces...
...or black?

My dressing table: littered with memories of home...

It is the simple things in life that bring a smile to our faces. Sometimes, you have to look for those reasons to smile, and sometimes they are just there, hovering about in front of your eyes the whole time. Life is good when your only concerns regard the puzzling question of whether to wear cranberry or black laces with your chucks. I've had a funny old week. I feel like the immensity of what we have just put ourselves through is only just creeping up on me now, a month since we arrived. Occasionally, I feel overwhelmed by all the changes in my life. One glance at my dressing table...and I feel the love and encouragement of everyone back home. I will just keep singing 'everything is gonna be alright'!


  1. Ahhh! Boo, missing you too, just concentrate on enjoying your life!
    It's got to be the black laces :-)

  2. Don't worry, I am :) ooo controversial! I will keep swapping them around so I get equal wear out of both hehe xxxxx