Sunday, 18 March 2012

Interview Styling

An outfit for a interview in creative industries

A boring outfit for a 'bog-standard' interview
I had an interview today for a job in which I could use my creativity to help customers make informed choices regarding home furnishings. I decided, rather than the boring old white, black or grey I'd normally wear for an interview, I'd wear something that actually says something about me and gives an accurate impression of who I am. And yet it still looks smart and professional. It was so refreshing to actually wear something that I like and makes me stand out. If I'd been going for a normal retail or admin position - for example - I'd have tried to pair down my usual attire and would have tied back my fox tail hair to draw attention away from it. Instead, I wore colour and my hair down to accentuate it. And the best part is, I walked to the interview feeling confident and assertive because I felt like myself. Nice, ey?

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