Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Pandora, a box or a vase??

Just realised I've never posted any of my photography or artwork on here. I haven't done much composition work in a while so here's a few I dug out from my GCSE coursework, which bagged me an A*. The above four were my final pieces for an exploration piece I worked on looking at the subject of Pandora's box and the woman behind the introduction of sin and vice. Some say the box was actually a vase, chosen to represent the curves of a woman's body and the temptation she presents to man. I took this idea and represented Pandora herself as the embodiment of all that's bad in the world - war, greed, vanity, pride ect. This was the result.

And these are some of my old macro photography. Including my favourite of Prince Ziggy.


  1. oh my god I can remember you doing these at school! :D

  2. so long ago, I hardly dabble anymore. I'm a sucker for needing a topic lol