Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Duke's Case

Wow. February already. So it's looking like a post per month for 2014! Sorry folks. 

Upon completing my latest project - which I will share with you today - I realised there are a number of handmade items from over the past 6 months that have never been showcased on the blog. Over the coming weeks (or more likely months) I will be looking back on previous projects and doing a bit of a recap for you. 

That said, I will start as I mean to go on! Here are some images of my recently completed ukulele case. This is probably the first thing I've made without a pattern or instructions and it was a bit of a scary process at first as I really didn't want to waste the lovely fabrics if it all went terribly wrong!

The outer case is 'Sienna Linen in Gun Metal' from The Make Cafe and the lining is 'On The Rio Grande in Ivory' by Terrie Mangat from Bolt of Cloth. I also added a fishy keyring made at a local beading shop to co-ordinate with the lining.

Since I'm pretty new to quilting, my top-stitching is a bit all over the place but I like to think it adds to the handmade charm!

I'm really proud of how it turned out. It's probably my favourite thing that I've ever made. And Duke seems to like his snugly new home too :)

On another not-so-related note, I had all my hair lopped off yesterday! Woke up this morning feeling slightly lop-sided as I've kept it long on one side. Mr Bear bought me straighteners for Christmas so I'm making the most of being able to curl my hair. It's a big change...but this year is going to be all about embracing change I think.

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