Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Exploring Paper Craft...

 One of my aims for 2013 has been to explore crafts and creative pursuits that I've not dabbled much in before. Along with knitting, these include quilting, patchwork, bag making, printing and paper crafts.

I really enjoyed incorporating the embroidery work I did for Mr Bear's valentine's day present into a card, simplistic though it was. Afterwards, I had a go at doing something similar for my Mum's birthday back in February. It could be neater but I've never been one to be too fussy about precision!

 My friend Abi and I have been trying writing to each other to keep in touch and I made this owl themed card for her a few weeks ago (we share a love of owls and other woodland creatures!) I used some stamps from my ever-growing collection, along with a little bit of colouring in!

I don't know if I'd ever really get into card-making so much. It just doesn't really grab me like other crafts do. But I discovered a love of stamping and I'm currently exploring different techniques of making my own. Alphabet stamps are particularly useful, especially for writing cheesy love-notes to Mr Bear like 'owl love you forever'....get it? Owls :) A pun to make my Mum proud!

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