Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bottletop Lamps

Since we arrived in New Zealand, I have been collecting bottle tops from all the beers we've been drinking (quite a few!) as I've always thought it would be cool to cover a lamp base with them and a pretty sweet project to comemorate our time here. Our housemates have been great, saving theirs too and setting them aside for me to discover in the morning on my walk through the shared living area. I wanted it to be a project Mr Bear and I could do together as there aren't many crafts around that he would deem 'manly' enough. So we spent last Saturday shopping for suitable lamps, tile grout ect before returning home to spend a few hours creating our O.A.K designs. This is Martin's. He was much neater and more meticulous than me.I just wanted to get as many bottle tops on as possible and didn't focus on colour co-ordinating as much. I'm more of a chaotic crafter I think!

They need sealing with something; I might even just give them a lick of paint. But we're already using them in our room, they look awesome!

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