Thursday, 23 February 2012

Penguin vs Whale

Another unexpected venture yesterday. After attempting to ignore the ever-brightening sunshine yesterday and start the next module for my design diploma, a couple of hours later and I had conceded defeat and decided to walk up to town to meet Andy, our housemate, at the Mall. I sat while he used the free WIFI to determine exactly how many Germans currently reside in Australia (less than a million, as someone had led him to believe) and then we headed towards the gardens.

Much to my delight, there happened to be a flower show in the Botanical Gardens. Above are a few examples of some of the wonderful exhibits of Cantabrian talent. There were even port-a-loos covered in flowers! Since Wednesday was the year anniversary of the February earthquake in Christchurch, some of the exhibits staged in the wendy-houses took the theme of 'rising from the rubble', displaying beautiful wild flowers emerging from beneath a mess of bricks and wire. My favourite was definitely a wendy-house in which the artist had chosen to display their flowers in upside down bells, in remembrance of the wonderful Cathedral which was so badly damaged in the quake. I so would have loved to see CHCH in its glory days. But, even in its state of a 'fallen city', I am still madly in love with it and hope I will be for a long time to come.

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