Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Dusklight Punt. A glowing Tiger.

Catching up on the picture sharing. Stopped caring about conserving internet allowance, bah. Here's a few from earlier in the month. One evening, our fellow Englishman housemate Martin, offered to take us for a ride down the River Avon, as he works as a Punter. The local theatre was staging a play about the history of Christchurch (condensed, obviously) in the Daffodil Woodland at 7pm. So we floated down, and parked the punts under the bridge while we disembarked to watch the play.

That same weekend, there was a Chinese lantern festival in the park. After a few beers at home, Martin, Andy and I walked up to Hagley to have a look around. I seriously underestimated the word 'lantern'. It's amazing what these lantern makers are capable of. I remember my Mum teaching me how to weave wicker into lanterns, but I never would have imagined making a tiger! The moonrakers of Slaithwaite would have had a field day.

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