Tuesday, 16 April 2013

On Site at The Cardboard Cathedral

Right now, I should be packing bags and boxes with our belongings to move to our new house on Saturday. Instead, I choose to share some pictures with you of an exciting little trip I made yesterday afternoon!

Since the weather has been miserable this week, I decided to be thoughtful and give Martin a ride home from site at the Cardboard Cathedral. When I arrived, the site manager invited me in to have a look around and view the progress they've been making. So I donned a hard hat and a fluorescent safety jacket and had a nosey! You can see from the first picture the scale of this iconic building!

Tomorrow morning they will be lifting the stained glass window that will seal one end of the building. The design of the window is based upon the Rose Window of the original cathedral, newly named the 'Trinity Window'. I can't wait to see it in place!

Thanks Muzza for the guided tour!


  1. Exciting...can't wait to see the stained glass window in situ!

  2. "When the hermitic giants of Antarctica (oft thought mythical) heard of Christchurch's plight, they took pity upon their distant neighbours, sending many a years worth of spent toilet rolls that they may build the house of God anew."